Ah the career fair. A time to look at and explore your options for possible jobs, internships, or just to talk to experts in the field about what to do to succeed, get ahead, or even just to prepare yourself for your future.

I however, I am on the end of the pole where I already have a job where I am using the knowledge in my field to succeed. I got hired at WHAG and had actually worked a shift the day of the career fair. I showed up late in the afternoon, around 2ish, after working the noon show. I was there exploring and seeing who was there and what there was to offer.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really much to look at in terms of communications. Re-examining the sheet of which companies, schools, and organizations where in attendance and what they were looking for, there wasn’t much in the way of communications and media. I noticed two or three, but that’s all.

I wasn’t at a total loss though. I talked to a representative of River Riders and had a nice discussion as to what they do and how much someone could make. I also told her about what I do at WHAG as a production assistant. I also found out that her boyfriend is one of my new friends I have made through hanging out and playing Magic: The Gathering at the comic shop in Shepherdstown.

Other than that, I paced around and through the plethora of booths. A ton of nursing, teaching and law enforcement booths. But alas, not a lot peeked my interest.

I was also sort of bummed out because I saw BOB Force one (the vehicle used by 101.5 WBHB-BOB ROCKS to go to social events and music events) in the parking lot, but didn’t see they had a table set up. Oh well.

I didn’t have a non-enjoyable experience, I saw a bunch of friends who were looking and scouting possible opportunities for jobs and such. I also had nice conversations with other people manning booths, but I just didn’t see anything that spoke to me.

I left after about a half hour. I had to get home and get ready for my second job.

I’m happy to be working at WHAG and am excited to see what the future holds for me.

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