While meeting with Prof. Williams for a discussion about my proposal on February 1st, 2016, he suggested me three books to add into the list of sources for the Radio drama. These three books will be aimed towards a better understanding and more holistic look into sound design and communicating through sound. The books are: Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics by Herbert Zettl, The Music Producer’s Survival Guide by Brian M. Jackson, and Audio in Media by Stanley R. Alten. Kevin suggested me these books to help with giving an insight into more complex and more wholesome knowledge into what is what when it comes to creating content using sound.

 For example, Prof. Williams showed me a chart in one of the books that showed what frequencies to set, what distance to be, and other sorts of information to make various sound effects and voice effects. I will be reading these books extensively to gain as much knowledge I can. What I forget or can’t remember, I can always look back on or even just ask Kevin what he would suggest.

While talking with him, Prof. Williams also made suggestions to make my proposal more streamlined and aimed towards the appropriate crowd and not cause any confusion due to my content of my resources. Considering the topic my Radio drama is covering, I have to research more into Depression and anxiety, as well as Interpersonal Communications. I was told to be careful on my vocabulary and diction when making the script, as well as in my proposal so it is not confused as a Psychology CAPSTONE project and not a Communications and New Media one. 

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