After meeting with Prof Williams about my Radio drama, I am confident in saying I just have to nit-pick on the small details about the project to make it sound the best it can. I do have to make some pitch bends and edit placement of sound bits, but that’s about the extent of my issues.

I also got my business cards, but had to discuss them with customer service from VistPrint due to a small margin of white across the top of EVERY card that WAS NOT apart of the design. Venisha, the representative that took my inquiry, was very helpful and was able to get me a rush order of corrected cards. They should be delivered within the next three or so days.

Now, to take care of making my portfolio and taking care of those small details. The next hurdles before presenting to the faculty. I am getting more and more excited for this presentation. . .but also nervous.

Also, I got hired at WHAG as a Studio Production Assistant. Thank you everyone who has supported me in the Communications department.

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