On January 18th, I attended a metal concert at a location known as Heaven’s Pit in Winchester, VA. My twin, Josh, is the drummer for a band called The Crownless, a reference to a quote in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. This show was one for the ages because of the line-up of local bands in attendance, along with another big reason.

Prior to this show, the guitarist, Cody, planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Rachel, and asked, Josh, the singer Tyler, and I to be a part of this monumental step in his life. I took the chance and said hell yes. I had never witnessed anyone proposing in person before and also wanted to support one of my close friends.

During their set, a particular song they play, Wolf Pack, was up next on the set. This song particularly speaks about the love and wholeness of being together with friends and family that love and care for you deeply. Cody asked Tyler for the mic and, well, I think the video speaks for itself.

Proposal Video

It was a fun night of music, friends, and well, just being healthy and happy with the ones I care about and enjoy spending time with.

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