Interpersonal Communications is the study and or practice of observing how people communicate, interact, and develop relationships with a person, or groups of people. The exact opposite of this is Impersonal Communications. During my sophomore spring semester here at Shepherd University, I took a course entitled Interpersonal Communications. It was COMM 308 with Prof. Joyce Webb. The class was very interesting, but helpful. I also kept the textbook from the class too. Looking Out Looking In by Ronald Adler and Russell Proctor II.  The book and the class helped me realize my own personal barriers and problems when talking with people and how I can improve upon them. It also helped me realize that I had some personal issues to deal with. I did some research, personal searching and talked to a doctor and found out I have Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, a form of Panic Disorder, bouts of Manic Disorder, and finally, Thanatophobia (the fear of dying).

      How does this relate to my project? Well, when creating the first portion of my radio drama, I wanted to just go for the elephant in the room. Being someone who has a lot of friends, family, and acquaintances, it can get complicated trying to juggle emotions, feelings, and interacting with all those people. I also set out to make something that could help people who may be dealing with anything similar to me see that it is known, and that others know their pain. It is not uncommon to close those feelings off and shrug them off, only to feel them stronger latter on. I know what it is like.

     Some people may now be thinking: “This feels like a PSYCHOLOGY Capstone more than a COMMUNICATIONS AND NEW MEDIA Capstone.” You could be right. However, I am using what I had learned in COMM 308, all of my classes in the Communications Department, and my new research for this project as a type of therapy and expression. I would rather use a creative outlet to express the acknowledgment of these issues and how to tackle them. That is my all encompassing plan for this project.

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