Well, I’m still chiseling away at making the second portion of the radio drama, and am working on my portfolio as my WordPress assignment (and subsequent project for Drupal) in advanced internet class. I have the voice track recorded, and discussed it with Kevin.   He said I did a very well done job with recording the audio and the tone of voice and tempo will further suit the piece when I get background music/sound.

  There is one particular part that is subject to change in the audio, but it is minor and can be deleted from the piece entirely or kept in depending upon how it works with the background. It is a laugh I have in for when the monster is speaking/taunting the listener. Like I said, it is subject to either stay in or be removed. I asked Kevin about it and he said just play it by ear.

Other than that, I am gonna just keep working at it and making sure I get everything done for the Faculty review of our projects. I’m excited for this project to be shared with the rest of the faculty.

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