Considering my situation, I figured to do some research into how well made radio dramas and podcasts do it. It really all boils down to a primary three things: Script, Personnel, and Production.

In both Radio dramas and pod-casting, you have to be prepared for your show/episode ahead of time, or you will look foolish and unprofessional. I have done small radio drama projects for school and am a production team member for Draw 4 Podcast, and I understand the importance of being prepared with a script already being written and having an idea as to the direction or genre you are writing in and the audience you want to pull in.

However, if you are just starting out on your own and wanting to get into the world of both radio dramas and/or podcasting, here are links that can help with those starting, continuing to strive and improve oneself, or those that need a refresher.

7 Secrets to a Successful Podcast

Keys to a Good Podcast

100 Podcasting Tips From Successful Podcasters

Principles to Writing Radio Drama

So, You Wanna Create a Radio Drama*

Script Template for Radio Drama

Radio Drama at a Distance

(*some, if not most links in the article will lead to 404 Error pages.)

I have to say, a lot of the advice in these articles reminds me a lot of what I have learned during my time at Shepherd. I also have to say that these articles also expand upon what I have learned and develop into broader ideas as wholes, as well as finer details to really get the kinks out and vastly improve your productions.

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