Today is 2/21/2016. It is one exact month from the faculty presentation for our CAPSTONE projects. Time for a status report on how I’m doing on my project. There is a lot of work I have out of the way, but there is also some major components I still need to get working on.

After meeting with Prof. Kevin Williams, I can confidently say I have a properly formatted script for my radio drama. I also have a ready to print design for business cards to sell myself to the world. I wouldn’t have been able to get the design done without the help of suggestions and advice from a bunch of people in the communications department. Thank you all! You are awesome.

However, with all the success, I do have the major parts to finish up. I need to record and mix the second half of the radio drama, as well as make my online portfolio. I will devote an entire day to the portfolio, as well as the second half of the radio drama. This way, I can be done with them and worry on the small, finer details.

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