I would normally be prepared and talk in depth to the best of my abilities about whatever I’m supposed to be talking about. BUT… I’m stuck between two ideas. Originally, I was stuck on like four or five ideas, but I narrowed my options down to two. I would like to either discuss about the podcast I am a production member in pertaining to the game of Magic: The Gathering called Draw 4 Podcast, or create a radio drama/extend upon a preexisting radio drama I had created.

 The podcast is usually centered around a group of two to the three people discussing certain, predetermined topics revolving around the game of Magic in someway. From format discussions, to cards that could possibly be versatile from new sets and have impact in the existing formats, to general chats about alters, memories of playing the game, and all-around just anything pertaining to the game of Magic. The podcast was founded September 23rd of 2015 after getting the members finalized.

   The radio drama would either be based upon one I had made one in the fall of 2015. Based around a thought-provoking trip through what it is like to live with anxiety and depression, along with other diseases that feed off of a person. It is titled “The Monster Inside”. I was thinking about extending upon that radio drama and going into more of how people can escape the monster(s) inside their head through anything that provides an outlet for a person to be apart of something greater than themselves, or through a personal way of expressing themselves and letting go of their stress and let loose their inner demons.  I was also thinking of making another radio drama from scratch, but, I do not have an idea as to what it would pertain to.

   Not exactly my best foot forward in Capstone, but I’d say it is a start so far. I have ideas and possibilities, I just need to streamline it into one idea and move from there. I’m excited, scared and nervous for this class, but, the show must go on.

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