Whenever my family visits Washington D.C., we always visit the normal spots: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Air and Space Museum, and so on. I have always been curious about going the to Contemporary Arts Museum, but I would be the only one who would want to go. So, I did something about that.

While on a trip to D.C. for a history class, we had time to kill after our initial visit to the Nation Archives, we just had to make it back to the Train Station before a certain time, or else we would be S.O.L. So, I decided to go to the place I longed to be. I Google Map’ed how to walk to the museum from the N.A. (it wasn’t that far out of the way from the building).

As Soon as I entered the West wing of the complex, I was in awe. There was a lot of art, pottery exhibits, vases, portraits, and much more stuff that I have forgotten, but do fondly remember. It took me a while to find what I specifically had come into the museum to see because of all the amazing art.

When I found the abstract art portion, I was just silent…I was looking at pieces of art from some of my favorite artists, as well as pieces from artists I had not heard of, but was extremely happy to see due to their creativity, emotion, and expression in the piece.

There was a piece I saw that will always stick with me. It was a huge canvas, about five or six feet in length and height. It appeared to had been painted on, then tarnished, torn, and ripped to make it seem like it had been through a disaster. It was so cool to see because I have seen a lot of art pictures, but to see pieces in front of me, it was a whole new experience. Just to stand there and enjoy the pieces was an entirely new experience.

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