After Monday, March 21st’s faculty presentations of the Capstones projects, I am confident in myself going forward. It was very nerve wracking waiting around for my turn to present, but when I got up in front of the faculty, I was told to just go ahead and present my project (after dealing with the projector, which decided to have some difficulties). I didn’t need it though. Hooray for an audio based project.

After my presentation, Professor’s Kevin Williams, Matt Kushin and Monica Larson discussed with me ways to improve upon my project. It boiled down to the major nit-picking stuff I have to work on yet, like balancing audio wave-forms and making sure it is all one cohesive level and doesn’t sound quiet in the beginning and end up way louder (like during my presentation).

 I also was given an interesting outlook from Monica about the background music I used in the second proton of the piece, in which, the background says “Amen” in a chorale in two different tones at varying portions of my piece. She asked if that was intended for religious implications. It honestly wasn’t. It is what the consensus of those whom I let read the script and listen to the piece initially without the background for the second portion said I should have that kind of background,

 It was also presented that I make the first portion would be more effective if I had the audio switch to being more prominent in the left and right sides of the speakers/headphones of the listener to create a more encompassing atmosphere for the piece, giving the illusion through space and sound that we are being surrounded by the monster that is inside of the heads of those whom are going through any kind of mental illness.

Moving forward, I met with Kevin and discussing the points made in the presentation, I was informed by him that in his almost twenty-eight years of being in sound design, that this is the first time he has heard a piece of this kind of content and execution. It’s not necessarily a radio drama in the traditional sense of the word, because it is a monologue dialogue, but it is also not a piece promoting anything. It is a piece that is trying to create a sense of understanding and compassion for those who are going through these dark times in their lives and to make it easier for those who do not understand what it is like to get a small sense of what it is like.

The whole point of this piece is to get people talking and thinking. Personally, if it were to advocate anything, I want to let those who are going through very dark ad dangerous times in their lives to seek help in ways that doesn’t cause them or their loved ones harm. I would like those people to get help through talking to loved ones, counselors, therapists, or even medication or therapy of some kind if it has to go that route.

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