If you happen to be a incoming freshman, or someone who is deciding to change their major, look to Comm and New Media. We have a great program that allows students to jump back and forth amongst a variety of courses from studio production, to marketing. Graphic novels to animation.

Look to one of our recent graduates, Samantha Goodgrades. She recently won the “Best New Director” award at the Sundance Film Festival. She won the award w/ a Rom-Com, based around two students in a small and quirky liberal arts college (Like us).

Speaking as a Junior Shepherd student who switched to COMM, I can personally say that the staff in the COMM department know what they are talking about and teaching because they have worked in those fields for many years, as well as studied in those fields. They are very personable and very eager to jump on the opportunity to help someone with an issue, or to give any advice to you on any topic.

Monica Larson, or ‘Comm Mom’, as we call her, is a very great mentor towards those in the New Media Concentration. Kevin Williams is great with Studio production and Music engineering. Jason McKahan is great with experimental filming.  Matt Kushin is amazing with those just entering the field of Communications and is also our lead Marketing and strategic Communications guru. All of the Professors have their quirks that make them unique and amazing individuals.

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