I have been away from home for so long.

   The buildings have been abandoned, appears to be for decades. The roads and sidewalks haven’t been maintained. Glass is in the streets and rubble is scattered across the land. I am surprised none of these structures have not collapsed on themselves. The war drove thousands of us out to escape the onslaught. I remember the good times with my friends and family. I thought about this place often when we had first left, but the memories and thoughts subsided the more time I was away from it.

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   I wonder if my old home is still intact? Will I even remember where it is? I guess it is a good thing I brought an old picture from when I was a lad. The sun is still high in the sky. I hope I can find it before the next bus back to the airport.

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   I would like to see my home once more. For closure and remembrance. 

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