In the last post, I had wrote about Magic: The Gathering and Feminism and how they coincide with one another, as well as the needs of feminism in the community. I discussed The Lady Planeswalkers Society, its goals and ordinances and finally, re-examined the 2012 case of Jackie Lee and her push for a MTG championship and its dark, disturbing narrative while she pushed on into the tournament.

For this post, However, I would like to take the time and write something more personal and give some insight into what I experience playing Magic with my friends on campus and how it has been coming along since the beginning of the semester.

Normally, I have played Magic with a group of guys up in the Game Zone we have on campus. We have a fun time, especially with different deck match-ups and just passing time in between classes. This fall semester has yielded some different results. I am not going too name names due to lack of consent for use in my blog, but I have three female friends whom have gained interest in playing Magic this semester. Two of them are completely new to the game and all of us have been nothing but supportive and helpful in getting them acclimated to the game. The third women we play with did play back in the early 2000’s of magic, but dropped the hobby due to her intensive course-work of school. She decided to get back into Magic because of how different the game has become over the years she has been gone.

The teaching process has been a lot quicker than expected. In just the three months we have been in school this semester, the teaching, practice, and all around knowledge of the game from everyone has been beneficial to the process and there have been new findings about rules and processes of game-play that us veterans to the game have even found as a surprise. The games have mostly been multi-player matches, but we have fun and get a good laugh out of the results of how hilarious some of the combos were that have gone off.

Our environment may seem odd to those outsiders, but once you get to know us, we are friendly, understanding, and, to be frank, vulgar (all in the name of fun and we all have a complete understanding in our meanings). We are all college students of varying backgrounds and majors, but we all have common interests and just want to have fun and learn from each others’ experiences in life and lend a helping hand whenever possibly needed. This is the kind of environment we strive to have whenever we play our game and this is the kind of environment we wish to have everywhere.

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