Aforementioned in the last post, this is where everything falls into place and we examine where the two sides meet. Through organizations, rulings, and general humanity, we see were there are still divides in the MTG community about women in the competitive circuit, as well as local play, but we also see strong and formidable efforts to ensure a fun and special experience for all playing the game.

   I had mentioned them briefly in my first post, but now for the details. Time to get into the Lady Planeswalker Society. Jennifer “Tifa” Robles, a current writer for Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), as well as a feminist activist, Robles founded the group with the intention of making MTG an all inclusive game and not just something that falls by the wayside while men dominate the environment. According to the groups’ Anti-Harassment Policy: 

“The Lady Planeswalkers Society is dedicated to providing a harassment-free space and experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, or skill level.” (Robles, 2011, Para. 3). 

The Lady Planeswalker Society logo (by: Tifa Robles) 
  This group is devoted to making MTG as playable for everyone who has an interest in it. They host events, especially on the Pro-tour, as well as go to conventions to host training sessions for new players. LPS has chapters around the world and setting up a chapter can be done through the groups’ website and having an interest shown from you local game store (LGS). 

   Also speaking about MTG and females, I also mentioned the story about Jackie Lee, the Magic player who did superbly well in a MTG tournament in 2012, but was heckled, threatened, and scoffed at. Her story is nothing new, especially on online sites, but hers is more pertinent due to her being the only female player who Top 8’ed at the tournament AND almost made it to the Semi-finals. reported this story and also mentioned a lifetime ban a player had presented to him due to making rape threats to a WOTC employee. She just so happened to be Helene Beregot, Director of Organized play. These bans have been issued in prior situations to players and even fans who made remarks and or sexist/violent threats to anyone intentionally. WOTC doesn’t tolerate this behavior. EVER.

  The fight against the sexist and harmful attacks against women in Magic and gaming in general is growing, but the efforts still need to be continuous and sustained. Even through the enforcement of rules via LGS rules or WOTC rules, being a decent human being doesn’t take much civility. Those of a hostile and/or crude nature need not be welcomed into any circle of gaming. Ideally, it is the efforts of one person or group who lead to change for many to come. Let us hope we can see a much more significant shift in the amount of female players in MTG and gaming as a whole. 


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