The 2004 film, The Persuaders, by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) discusses the ins and outs of trying become a more pervasive and far reaching advertisement in an industry that is awash with millions, if not billions of ad campaigns strewn across a vast array of platforms to reach consumers on. The film also follows a start-up airline company, Song, a branch from Delta Air, to be low-cost, but also be exquisite and fun. The host, Douglas Rushkoff, is a journalist and tells of the struggles, hair-pulling, and also unique and sometimes questionable tactics employed by not only advertising companies, but also politicians during election years on how to reach out and get more votes of people usually deterred from voting.

  I believe that the short film definitely opened my eyes in terms of what goes on behind the scenes of Ad agencies and their affiliates. They spend thousands, if not millions of dollars on trying to reach out to more people to get them to buy their product in a sea of ad’s. From consulting psychologists, to talking to economists, to even going after focus groups of people for their opinions, agencies and companies try their damnedest to get their advertisements out in the open and cut through the muddle.

  Rushkoff mentioned in the end of the film that “We are all persuaders” and it does actually ring true. When we use our own abilities to cut through the clutter and just make our own decisions on whether or not an advertisement is utter bull-crap, or actually makes some valid points to sell us on their product, we become the persuaders ourselves. We either buy the product, or decide to not waste money on something that may or may not even work properly. I would also say that the same principle applies for shopping anywhere, like a mall or even a grocery store. We either decide that something is a good deal, or decide to wait until prices drop, or find something else that meets the needs we have to meet.

So, in terms of being a inside experience of what goes on in the world of advertising, The Persuaders  short-film definitely went above and beyond in its function of an insider look at this zany, hectic, and make-or-break industry….not too bad for a 2004 film being seen in 2015.

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