To start, I am thankful for the opportunity to be interning at NBC 25-WHAG. Interning with the studio production team has been a learning experience. I also have to thank my Studio Production class from two springs ago I took. I retained a decent amount from that class, while learning new and exciting skills.

   Camera work has been fun and pretty intriguing so far. Talking with the anchors and other production personnel has given me insight into their line of work, as well as a few laughs while waiting for the next cue in from break. I have recently been given the opportunity to run a camera on my own while one of the crew shadows me in case I need assistance in either setting up a shot I am still unfamiliar with, or needing to be in another location quickly.

   My next task is to learn how to operate the audio board. I have had a night of experience with it before when we were short staffed on camera and it was a jam-packed show. But, to actually sit down and focus on the board will give me more confidence in understanding which slider co-ordinates with which mic, as well as the music and on-site mics.

   Whatever comes next, I am ready to tackle it head on and with open arms.  One month down, 3 to go.

HOURS: 35.5/140

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