While currently attending Shepherd University, I had the advantage of taking a course called COMM 360: Studio Production. This course was supposed to discuss and give a hands on look into the practices and principles in the business of being apart of a team that runs a studio for news, sports casting, weather, etc. Students are given a look into the on the floor and behind the scenes work that goes into running a show, from operating a camera, to running the audio switcher, to learning directing in some aspects.

My experience in the class is something I talk about to whomever I speak to about communications classes. The first half of the year, things were running smoothly and without a hitch. Students were learning and jobs would get switched around day to day, or week to week. About the time of Mid-terms however, is when the ever so prompt phrase “Shit hit the fan” comes into affect.

The cameras were not getting the input to the monitor to show the director and professor what was being shot. Then, the recorder was losing either the audio or the film that was shot. Then, one of the cameras entirely failed. One problem after the other. We resorted to learning through lectures and trying to get everything up and running again through the use of the Systems Theory to find the source of the issue(s) and fix them.

That was two years ago. Looking into the studio nowadays, I am impressed with how everything has come together since then. Everything works, we have added a monitor to show the students outside of the production room what was recorded. A teleprompter finally got installed. It’s really a quality studio to learn from now.

I do have to say though, the class, despite all the hardships we faced, definitely taught me a lot of applicable and viable techniques, signals, and audio information that is used in WHAG’s studio. Some new information had to get taught to me, but I picked up on it quickly and have been able to make the most of this internship so far.

HOUR COUNT: 78.5/140

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