Being able to switch off with my twin, Joshua, halfway through the internship gave us both a look at the differences and similarities of attitudes and styles towards the different jobs we observed and studied while interning. Most applications are similar, the work is different because of the way the shifts fall in with other programs. Morning side, for example, has time split up with the Today Show to have short snippets of stories or weather reports pop in during the extent of the Today Show airing. Usually, we have done the cut ins on our end live, but there were a few cut ins that have to be recorded before hand due to us in the production staff being on break from 9-11 A.M. (like having cut ins at 9:26/9:58/10:26 and 10:58).

Working on graphics on morning side in comparison to night side is entirely different in the kind of items you have to take care of. Majority of it is similar, but there are a few things extra you have to take care of on morning side that is not existent on night side. For example, Wonderful Ones, a segment in the news where we celebrate any baby(-ies) who have a birthday on that day. Parents submit their information (child’s name/DOB/parents names/city and state) to the station to put into the corresponding newscast for the morning. The CG op takes care of listing the information into iNews, and also putting it into the appropriate folder on the computer to be stored to ensure that we do not have any we may forget or any extras.

Also, massively important to function on ANY shift: PROPER SLEEP. On mornings, I have had to wake up at 3 A.M. because of the station being 30 minutes away from my house. I usually get there around 4:30-4:40. Night side on the other hand, I would be able to sleep in, get stuff done around the house that needs done, and be able to leave the house at 4 P.M. to get there around 4:30 P.M. for the Five O’clock news. My sleep schedule on mornings has not been the most beneficial…or healthiest to be honest. I have been getting around two to three, at most four, hours of sleep for my shifts. I didn’t give myself time to prepare for the switch and have definitely been paying the price (in food and coffee, as well as napping during the 9-11 break).

HOUR COUNT: 118.5/140

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