I have taken the liberty to go at length to mention my COMM 360 course while interning with WHAG this summer for college credit. I have also made mentions to some of my other courses in some other posts, but I haven’t really discussed the classes I have taken and what they could lead to when I graduate.

I mentioned Advertising and Imagery as a course I have taken in helping to show what its like on Graphics at WHAG. Well, it is true. We were taught Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help correct proportions for images, fix shadowing issues, create advertisements and even learn some social and economical facts about what drives advertisers to do what they do and create some memorable ads (for better or worse). The same principles apply to making a music video, as I learnt in the Music Video class. We were taught the basic principles and values for making a music video, how society views can make or break a video’s message/meaning, how to use Adobe After Effects for video editing and how to think outside of the box with creating our own videos for our final project.

                                             Hold Onto Me Music Video (COMM 333)

One of the most recent courses that really got me to use the old noggin’ was the course Writing Across Platforms (WAP). It taught me a lot about what to expect out of oneself when writing for various sources of news, information and social media outlets (Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/etc.). I got introduced to the Hemingway App to be able to become a more concise and precise writer and it has helped me get my messages across without being so wordy and trying to dig for filler. The App actually has helped me in some of my other classes when it came to writing final papers and such.

A Course I took when I was a freshman, Intro to Public speaking, has helped me develop better speaking habits for whenever I have to present a speech on a topic, present a paper, or even just talking to superiors in the work place or my internship. Speaking in front of others feels like such a giant judgement of credibility and all the staring eyes, while trying to keep interest, feel like daggers.

Finally, discussing a non-required major course, Interpersonal Communications. This course helped me understand a lot of internal and external issues in my life, as well how to help others with their problems and being able to release tension and figure out how to calm down in stressful situations, among a variety of topics discussed in the class. I still have the book. I open it every so often to get some advice for issues from time to time.

I haven’t listed every course, but all of my classes I have taken have helped me grow and evolve into a better person and have also gotten me a decent idea of what I would like to do when I graduate.

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