The Graphics and the Graphics Operator job in my internship was a job/position that wasn’t taught to us in COMM 360, but, thanks to Advertising and Imagery, as well as my general knowledge of photo editing and touch-ups, it is a position that is not as scary or intimidating as it appears at first glance.

When I first was told to intern on Graphics, I was only getting two days to work with the CG Op. I was surprised at how much information I was able to retain and learn in those days. iNews by Avid is the program that is used
by everyone, from reporters, to directors, to even the anchors for any and all stories and images they need to have in. It is not as overbearing as it seems. A lot of the information was easy to grasp, simple to do, and primarily just going to preset setting that are standard for images to get them to fit accordingly into their boxes. The only ones that are new to deal with is to deal with un-stretching or shrinking of images to make them sharp and crisp all around. For example, if you took an image that was scrunched on the top and bottom because of needing to compact the file, you would fix the aspect ratio’s of the X and Y axis to get the image to appropriate the box you need it to fit into accordingly. It takes a keen eye, but it is not that hard.

The actual rundown of the show looks daunting too, but in reality, its all the name says, it’s a rundown of the show for the director and audio board operator to get to tell which blocks are which. You have to color coordinate each block (A/B blocks need separate colors) to not get confused with them, then, color coordinate each of the two channels images to make sure you do not get them confused. You have to leave the bits that have yet to become online or have no text/image in them gray until there is one of two things that happens: 1.) Text/imagery is added or 2.) The reporter/anchor floats that bit out of the show (it doesn’t go out on the air…it is deleted).

The “Hit-List” that is printed for graphics is for the hit times we have to air certain specific names or tags for a Voice Over, like for a story we are doing on a politician, for example, you’d tag the story, then tag the person/people in the story’s names and go on from there. All there is.

If you are asked to go onto graphics in a studio production job or internship, it is not that hard after some explaining and going through for a few hours.

HOUR COUNT: 78.5/140

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