Ah, the time I have been dreading and my twin has been excited for: The time to Switch-over shifts.

I will miss night-side. It was a fun going, yet professional and outgoing group of people. I learned a lot from everyone and have been praised by them as one of the best interns they have had. In fact, both Mike Gantt, one of the directors, and Anthony Zan, the Graphics operator, both praised me highly and wished that I didn’t have to switch shifts. They want me to be hired on.

I am happy and glad to hear such great things from them. I respect them and learned a lot of valuable information on Camera, audio, teleprompter, and graphics.

Learning what the CG Operator did at first seemed daunting, but after 3 hours of observing and tinkering around with whatever I was asked to do, I got to run a few of the blocks on Monday, June 22nd by myself. On  Friday, the 26th, I was able to retain a vast amount of information about what the CG op does and what specific settings and values images had to be adjusted to, what specific protocol to follow in order to effectively print out a “hit-list” of times for whenever we were running a Voice Over. I also was asked what to do to make sure we were not running two different graphics out of the same channel, as well as how to properly order the breakdown of the show, according to which graphics were in the first channel versus the second. I actually impressed Anthony with how much I retained and the fact I didn’t have questions about what to do that night. I was even trusted to do almost every show (minus the A block for the 5/6 news and sports block).

I am thankful for everyone on Nights being so kind and understanding with me and teaching me their knowledge. I look forward to mornings…despite having to wake up at 3 in the morning to make it to the station.

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