Most people think that interning is a one and done deal. You intern for a time to gain experience in a field for your major and you get a job with who you interned with. That is not how it works. If the company or any other affiliate has an opening, then it is possible to get a job with them. If not, they will keep you in their system as a front-runner for a future position that opens up.

Currently, WHAG doesn’t have any openings for Production Assistants or any of their specific jobs, like primarily becoming Graphics Op. However, all is not lost. The Production manager, Greg, and I had a decent conversation on the matter. He appreciated my forward thinking and approachable nature towards the idea of possibly getting hired by WHAG (To be honest, I would have talked to him a week sooner, but I couldn’t find the right words to say). Greg also said he had thought about the situation and told me that I am one of, if not the first person that will come to mind if and when a job opportunity opens up. I am glad I could make this kind of an impact and such a strong impression. I try my hardest and best effort at anything I do.

This being said, I told Greg that I am not worried, whenever they have something open is whenever it happens. It is no one’s control for that sort of thing. Also, considering how my classes line up, I would have to be nights and weekends until I graduate IF AND WHEN I get a position there.

If I do not get a position at WHAG, I can always try for other television studios around the area. Being in the W.Va/ VA/MD/DC/ PA area, there are a plethora of opportunities out there, I would just have to go hunting for them. In the meantime, I will be finishing up my classes here at Shepherd and working part time.

HOURS UPDATE: 134.5/140

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