Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is such a distinguishable song that stands out in the minds of music lovers and critics. The lyrical styling of Freddie Mercury, the rhythm and tempo changes, and of course, the story that is involved with the song. What if I were to tell you that THIS iconic song started the notion of MTV being a real idea because of the creative nature of it’s video and the effect it gave to the song? Yeah, To better explain how, lets explore the phenomenal song and it’s video.

   When the song was originally released, it was apparent to the executives that the song may be too long to become a hit and suggested that the band change the song in some way to make it shorter in length to grasp a hold of the attention of the audience. Queen being Queen, objected the executives decision and decided to go ahead and air the song, having snippets of the song played on Capitol Radio station. Fans were massively intrigued by the song and wanted the whole thing played out. The station gave it to them. Playing the song 14 times in two days. Fans were engrossed in the song and bombarded music stores with requests for the song and were told that it wasn’t released in stores yet. How’s that for a tease?  

   Onto the video itself. This creative vision was shot in four hours, edited in five, for television broadcast, and had a budget of £4,500. The video features the famous shot of the four men in the pose that is from the Queen II album. This shot comes up throughout the video, especially for the A Capella part. All of the special effects were achieved during the recording, rather than editing, because of timing for the broadcast of the video. The video is considered the fore-front of MTV and music videos being used to promote a single for bands. It set the benchmark for the industry. 

  Bohemian Rhapsody, the name immediately brings you to either sing the A Capella part, head bang to the hard-rock part, or try and fail miserably to sing Freddie’s “For Me” high-note part. IT is an industry stalwart and a benchmark for which we have to thank for which music videos are set to for bands. Queen set and raised so many bars for the music industry, regular production of a music video for promotion of a single or an album was just another thing this stellar group accomplished.  

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