In today’s society, it is easy to find something funny or relate-able to yourself and post it on Facebook or twitter and think nothing of it. I will admit, thanks for the share button, we give the original website credit for the content; but if we were to just copy an image and not give the creator credit, then there is a problem. 

  Speaking from the perspective of someone who regularly uses websites like Facebook, Deviantart, and Youtube, I post videos and artwork. I also favorite and like other people’s art and whatever else they post. I also share stuff I think is important or funny. Like I said, I share stuff, but I don’t blatantly copy it and not give credit where it is do. I create paintings and drawings and post them; I would be livid if someone used my artwork and not gave me credit for it. So, whenever I post art, I always sign the piece itself and then also give it the Creative Commons License….as seen below
(My settings for licensing) —->(

   These are the settings I use for deviantart.  My artwork is licensed and can be used by someone else and even be edited, they just have to give me credit and let it be known that they gave me credit if they share it with others.

So, Creative Commons in a copy paste world allows for creativity to be alive and well, as long as the people who use other people’s work give credit to the owner and creator. 

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