The final day of interning… July 29th, 2015. Today is bittersweet. On one hand, I’m done having to get up at three in the morning for morning side. On the other, I really wish I can hired on night side and weekends to be able to keep doing this kind of work and be able to get more time and experience in this field of work. The summer certainly has flown by. While eating breakfast this morning, I had a thought: “Wow, August is almost here. I am finishing up my internship, and Band camp for Ram Band starts the 15th. Where did Summer go?”

Photo by Lori Strunk

Well, it went by with finding an internship, working part time, hanging with my friends whenever I could find time between the two, and taking care of housework and other monotonous tasks my parents asked me to do daily or regularly (Sorry mom and dad. Love ya). 140 hours, to think, I thought it was gonna be impossible to get it within the time span for the course, but somehow, it got completed.

I am finishing up today with the power to decide I am training on in my hands (thanks Alana). I decided to go with audio and graphics. Today will be a good day. I have to definitely thank everyone who has trained me during my internship here. They were kind, helpful, and very fun to work with. We joked around when it was appropriate and got serious when it was called for. I also wanna thank Greg, the production manager, for accepting me to intern here. I appreciate the opportunity he has given me to further myself in this field. It has given me time and intuition into possibly planning my goals for my career.

I already said it, but I will gladly say it one final time: Thank you everyone at WHAG.

HOURS: 142.5/140

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