Our current project, in celebration of Halloween, is to create a short video that is based around using multiple different aspects that we have learned over the semester, as well as new material, like creating effects in a 3-D space, as well as maneuvering objects in a 3-D plane. Using After Effects from Adobe has been a fun and challenging experience. I sometimes find myself amazed at what is possible with this technology. I sometimes also find myself lost and forgetting what to do to simply animate a sequence of events together when all I have to do is move them while adding points on the timeline as to when I moved the object(s).

  My graveyard project is using a ghost as the main character, while also utilizing the zoom and focus features in A.E. I haven’t had the time to play around and learn how to use these tools because I have been focused on the tasks at hand in class. It doesn’t help that I do not have After Effects at home to be able to practice and I have been too busy with other projects for other classes and also focusing on my part-time job to be able to get some practice time in to learn what I don’t know yet.

  My short comings from this project will be my knowledge and usage of the materials we learned in class, like rotoscoping, zoom/focus, and my storyboard itself. The storyboard is fairly simple and not very extensive, to be able to give myself room for improvement and changes along the way. It is also fairly short. My main problem is making sure I don’t get frustrated with myself and understanding what to do and how to do a particular effect. Below is my storyboard in entirety.

  So, I shall see how this project goes. I just hope my brain doesn’t screw the pooch and make me doubt myself and I also hope I can remember what specifically I am going for in this project and if I don’t know what to do…Call for the Professor (Monica).

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