The song Say Something by A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera was released on November 14, 2013. This song is about a few different situations and also has a lot to read into, so lets get started.

   The video itself involves a broad and open minded spectrum in dealing with dark times in our lives, whether they are significant loss, or small pains that occur in life. Death, loneliness, breakups, etc. It also involves images going to and fro with each hit of the piano keys, giving the video its tempo and exemplifies the lyrics and puts lasting images in our minds. The water flowing in the video gives us the sense that tears are cried for a multitude of reasons, but its all just water that’s out poured for many different reasons. The other band member of A Great Big World is not really doing anything in the video except leaning on the piano. Is he going to tell the other band member something? Is he reliving prior life experiences? You can read into it however you like to interpret it.

  Meanwhile, lyrically, the music itself is fairly straight-forward, The lyrics though have a life of their own. The lyrics are about learning to understand the difficulties of life and relationships we form with people, and not just with significant others. Friends, family, strangers, etc. We all are involved in some way with people and the relationships we have with these people are all varied and different. Another point to bring up in the lyrics, We are all humans, we all make mistakes…especially with the people we love and cherish. Sometimes, however hard it is, moving on may be the best thing for both people. The line “Say Something, I’m giving up on you”. This line means that unless something is said by you (the other person involved), I am leaving. A lapse in love, happiness, friendship, etc. can lead to a lasting impact on two people.

   The song Say Something, is a pop song that is not very pop-esque. It is a song that deals with powerful emotions and dealing with life. The song has a great tempo, simple, yet powerful lyrics, and a video that brings everything together and exemplifies and points out the lyrics and their meaning. It is a great song and breaks the norm with pop-songs and brought a band that no one had really heard of onto the big stage of the music industry.

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