When has the medium proved to be the message in your media consumption? 
Discuss a specific media experience you’ve had and the effect the medium had on you.

   The medium that has proved to be the message  in my media consumption is the website deviantart.com This website is a art/literature sharing website that allows you to post art and literature of any kind as long as you have an account . You can also connect with other users through posting messages on their account or messaging them privately through “notes”. I post art that I have created and have gotten to know a lot of really good writers and artists. Thats really what the website is about: posting art and making new friendships.
 I have been asked my a few of my friends, either through the deviantart website or in real life to do some drawings or paintings. I would create the art and post it on the website, and if I know them in real life, I personally hand it to them. One of my friends who is a student here at Shepherd, and is a friend of mine on deviantart, asked me to do a few drawings for her fan-fiction. I, of course, was able to complete the art and posted it on the website and gave them to her in real life. She was pleased with the art and other people on the website and even before able to hand it to her, other people commented me on the art. I was pleased because I spent a good amount of time and brain power creating the pieces and the work showed my abilities fully.

 Provide an example of new media technology acting as an extension of your body

  The website facebook has definitely acted as an extension of my body because I have been able to talk to a few of my friends who still live in Califorina, where I am from. I have been able to still talk to them and have been very happy to be able to talk to them again because I had not talked to them for like eight years and to be able to reconnect with them has been a great feeling.

Provide an example of how you engage in the ‘global village.’

  Using websites like Facebook, Deviantart, and Tumblr have helped me stay connected with my friends and family, especially those, as stated earlier, who live farther away and I can’t really speak to them face to face. 

Offer your reflection on the impact of media on you: Are you a technological determinist or a structuralist? Explain your reasoning.

  I am a structuralist because the new media has helped me reconnect with friends and family, and also being able to meet new ones and also able to express my thoughts and artistic abilities with a vast array of people that I haven’t met in real life. This media has meet the need of society to be able to talk to people who are vast distances away and it helps families keep connected and together. 

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