Ray Harryhausen is the god-father of stop-motion animation and animation movies that used characters that had to be super-imposed on already shot film. His characters were created with an idea in mind to be able to convey an image that will last a life-time. Ray’s characters had a massive impact on the film industry and inspired many numerous characters to follow. But how? How did one man create such endearing and lasting images? Very,very meticulous work with a camera, his character models, and his brain.

Harryhausen created his monsters all on his own accord after being influenced by King-Kong back in the 1930’s. From there, he took off with his imagination and his education to create films all on his own. His character models originated as drawings through a story-board. The characters had to be made with armatures, careful-detail, and an eye for subtle, but extremely important differences that make the characters speak for themselves. Ray worked with no real help in remembering the scenes he filmed, he remembered all of them and also worked in a very lengthy, but carefully studied manner to film with him and 1-2 other people. Once he grew in the film industry, he kept his simple mannered nature and used his impressive array of expressions and subtitles that gave his characters life. When Ray’s characters were on the screen, he, in essence, formed into the character and was a character on screen in the films. the amount of detail and amazing array of  depth he used to make the characters their own and also give them a unique identity. The ultimate form of flattery is to have your work used, and/or, mimicked by others…and Ray’s characters have been mimicked and some of their motions have been used by some of the biggest names in film in some of the biggest movies. In the Golden Voyage of Sin-bad, the stone Kali and her sword motions were imitated in Star Wars Episode I.

Ray Harrhuasen’s characters gave him a character on the screen because he gave them life and an identity in the films he animated for. He has affected a massive majority of the producers/animators/and designers. Ray’s work has given the movie industry about two generations of astounding people in the industry and has left it a better place and his impact is felt all around the spectrum.

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