The media studies course I am taking here at Shepherd University has and is teaching a multitude of many fascinating and multi-faceted ways of thinking and ideas that can carry over into the future. I, however, not entirely certain as to what I would like to do after I graduate from Shepherd; So, I am becoming a versatile and omnipotent individual that can be able to accomplish many tasks for one company’s needs. I am a curious and very intrigued person and have a lot of interests in the Communication and New Media department. I have already taken a studio production course and am currently taking a music video course, a media studies course (previously mentioned), a Computer-Mediated Studies course, and a special effects course. I also have may other courses I wish to take in future semesters.

   Ideally, companies hire individuals that can fill the needs that they are working for. Then, those employees either learn more and more skills from other employees while they are working, or they learn it on their own in their free time. If an individual can come in and have the skills of four or five different jobs, the employer definitely has a jack of all trades and is (mostly) inclined to hire them because of their skill set and it helps to have that because of any multitude of factors causing someone to either miss work or be absent for extended periods of time. If someone in a studio is working on the camera, and the person who is supposed to be manning the audio-board is absent for that day, the person can go and inform the manager that they know their way around an audio-board and can take their place for the day, and show the manager that they are a wealth of information and talents around the studio.

  So, while I do not know what I would like to do when i graduate from college, I am at least giving myself a pretty sizable spring-board to become a useful and beneficial tool in the work-place.


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