The semiotics of the news is a fascinating and obscure part of studio production that allows anchors, cameramen, directors, etc. to communicate in symbols, signs, and language that is truly unique to the studio that they are in. Some signals are synonymous and universal, like when to cut the program off, when to start, counting down for shooting/ending, etc. Others maybe made up in spur of the moment situations and just are used in studios with people that are really close knit and know each other’s tendencies. However, that is rare to have.

  Communications among small groups of people that work together on projects is crucial, however, the same can be said for communicating a broadcast to an audience, like with news broadcasts or the Colbert Report(C). News anchors, guests, and colleagues in the news and entertainment industry have to convey messages in ways that appeal or enthrall audiences and draw attention to them, whether for attention grabbing situations, or just to add some humor to a situation. It all depends on timing, situation, and follow-through.

  Sometimes, facial expressions are the most important communication to be aware of. Knowing how to read someone’s facial expression allows for a non-verbal communication towards a situation or topic that may be too detailed, too explicit, or too informed in subjects that may be too sensitive to the network or higher authorities (you never know).

  Having a form of communication amongst colleagues, guests, and the producers and directors of the show or news is important for any situation and/or scenario. It all depends on who, what, when, where, why, and how (the old saying that applies to almost any and everything).

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